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We are a team of Canadian, female, millennial entrepreneurs. Specializing in Creative Education and Events we bring you, our peers, the best resources you'll need to build a thriving business out of your passion.

Who better to turn to than the experts when you want to learn something new? Real-world discussions and live demonstrations drive our masterclass seminars, created for entrepreneurs in the beauty, fashion and photography industries in cities around the world.

Our annual conferences will join hundreds of our peers, and offer key and actionable insight for entrepreneurs using digital content as an essential part of their business. This event is perfect for bloggers, vloggers, retailers, service providers, and entrepreneurs in the beauty, fashion and lifestyle industry looking to gain knowledge on how to leverage their business and grow beyond local borders.

We also host exclusive product launch events that celebrate the new collection launches of your favourite beauty brands. In addition to being one of the first to get your hands on a new must-have for your makeup kit, live on-site demonstrations by a celebrity makeup artist will give you tons of inspo on how to use each gifted collection item.


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