We are passionate about cultivating education and career development through authentic engagement and inspirational learning environments.

our passion

Beauty Assembly is a creative events agency passionate about creating modern and informational learning environments with innovative content. By combining modern learning with traditional methods of teaching, we are able to offer a unique experience where aspiring artists can receive real-world education directly from the most influential names in the fashion and beauty industry.

We collaborate with artists that have persevered to the forefront of the industry to design seminars that showcase the skills they've received recognition for in their craft, and pay forward the experience, lessons and business advice responsible for their success.

Our classes are carefully planned, fun, inspiring and provide each student an opportunity to learn and practice new skills, receive valuable business advice, and exclusive tips and tricks that will help take their craft to the next level.

our story

Beauty Assembly was founded by two Torontonian beauty and fashion lovers with a background in business and training and development. Convinced that the key to a successful career is continual learning and upgrading of skills, we have dedicated our efforts to creating learning environments for millennials by millennials. We aim to make each experience innovative, fun and rich in expertise. 

our culture

Classmate Culture is defined by individuals who recognize knowledge as a powerful resource and advocate investing in oneself.

our goals

inspire passionate young professionals through authentic experiences and provide a cheat sheet to making it in their industry

cultivate education and career development through engaging and inspirational learning environments world wide

create a platform where influencers can use their experience, valuable lessons, advice to enrich the career paths of upcoming professionals


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