Curiosity Cured the Passionless Entrepreneur

We've read and heard the inspiring journeys of some of the most successful entrepreneurs in a vast variety of industries, sharing with us the key contributors to their triumphs. That list usually includes dedication, maintaining a healthy mind, body, spirit balance, and working in a position that fuels your passion.  But what about the people who aren't sure what they're passionate about? Does that mean that you won't be as successful if you're not passionate about the work you do? Not necessarily. 

Many successful entrepreneurs that exist today are not all Passion Pay-Checkers. But they are Eternally Curious.

Eternally Curious:


 one who actively searches for the answers of even their smallest questions. 


It's very simple to becoming eternally curious, much more simple than trying to discover what your passion is and how you can transform it into a business. By allowing curiosity to lead your career journey you can explore so much more content and open your mind to more possibilities. Eventually you will come across a gap, an under serviced area or even a more innovative idea that can compete in an aggressive market. 

So the next time something peaks your interest, take some time to learn more about it. You'll never find hidden a gem if you don't search!

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