Skin is In: The Newest Trend in Korean Beauty

For some, unblemished, clear, acne-free skin comes naturally - these blessed individuals are spoken of but rarely seen.  For the rest of us medium, dry, and combination skin types, we require some assistance to achieve the same result. But fret not, because our Korean friends have figured it out and are spreading the wealth.

Korea’s innovative beauty products have officially hit the shelves at mainstream western chains such as Sephora, Nordstrom’s and Holt Renfrew, allowing us Westerners to duplicate the seemingly ageless skin women in Korea portray. Dr. Jart, Amorepacific and Belif are merely three of the many Korean beauty brands making their debut, competing with Fresh, Estee Lauder, Clinique, Shisheido and Kiehls.

International beauty industry insiders and consumers have been indulging on Korean skin care products this past year, undertaking unusual techniques and traditional formulas while distributing the gift of Korean skin to their corner of the world. However, the maintenance of porcelain-like skin does not come easy. Koreans are passionate about their skincare, focused on creating youthful, glowing skin, and Korean cosmetic companies fiercely compete to create quality products won’t have to pay a fortune for. Which can come in handy since the regime usually requires about 10 steps – and therefore 10 different products.

This multi-step nighttime routine can take approximately 40 minutes to complete, with adorable designs and colourful packaging to make the process an entertaining one. And let’s not forget – you get what you give. Especially in regards to achieving an eternally youthful glow.

The Korean beauty industry is on top of their research and development forefront incorporating more natural and organic ingredients like green tea, bamboo sap, and honey to moisturize and treat skin, and ditching the unpronounceable harsh chemicals. They’ve introduced unique innovations such as fermented skincare and snail mucin cream, helping consumers across the globe shift toward natural skin care options.

Korean skin care products are effective and affordable at their high quality, and the proof in the numerous new sections being made across the shelves of your favourite retailer. Not to mention the already widely used advanced and invigorating techniques they’ve introduced us to, from the BB cream phenomena, to the generation of sheet masks, cushion compacts, essences, ampoules, and waterless facemasks.

Before you make your next stock-up trip, do some research. Whether a low priced product is an indication of poor quality or good value depends on many factors.  Take a gander at the ingredient list and read reviews before spending your hard earned dollars.

Also remember that beauty products can only take you part of the way. Healthy skin lovers and aspirers from around the world must adhere to a few other lifestyle habits in order to maintain great skin.

1. Get enough sleep, at least 7 hours a night

2. Drink more water

3. Use SPF 365 days a year

4. Consume antioxidant-rich foods and drinks

5. Break a sweat and raise your heartbeat

For an updated and never ending array of Korean beauty products glance over to Soko GlamKollectionK, and Peach and Lily; the top three e-commerce sources providing the world with all of Asia’s premiere cosmetic solutions. Best of luck as you venture into an entirely innovative world of products, trends, and standards!


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